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The Clean Energy Regulator has just announced the date of the  fifth (and maybe final) ERF auction – Wednesday  5 April 2017 and Thursday 6 April 2017.

Of the original $2.55B fund, around $400M remains and this could possibly be the last auction (depending on price and volume bid). The Turnbull Government is still yet to commit to any further funding of the ERF at this point in time.

The key dates for the auction are below. Entering into the scheme is a complex and time-consuming process, so if you have a carbon saving project in-mind, time to get busy! Feel free to contact us if you have a project in mind and/or would like further information regarding the ERF.

Timeline for the fifth auction




Project registration application deadline

30 business days before the auction

21 February 2017 (midnight AEDT)

Auction qualification application deadline

20 business days before the auction

7 March 2017 (midnight AEDT)

Auction registration application deadline

Five business days before the auction

29 March 2017 (midnight AEDT)

Closing time for declaration of eligible projects

Five business days before the auction

29 March 2017 (5pm AEDT)

Auction window

  9am 5 April 2017 to 5pm 6 April 2017 (AEST)

Results released, authorised bidder notified and average price per tonne of abatement published

Within five business days after auction close

13 April 2017)

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