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Has your business exceeded its reported baseline? Are you applying for a calculated baseline? Don’t forget to book your audit - deadlines for calculated baseline audits are approaching fast!

The Safeguard Mechanism requires large greenhouse gas emitting facilities to keep their emissions equal to, or below, historic levels (known as ‘the reported baseline’). Companies who have exceeded their reported baseline for 2016-2017 are now rushing to have their emissions limit increased via an alternative ‘calculated baseline’. Applications for a calculated baseline may have a 30 July 2017 deadline.

Applications for calculated baselines must be supported by:

Detailed evidence that the proposed calculated baseline is accurate and relevant
Evidence that the facility meets the criteria to apply for a calculated baseline
An independent audit
The Clean Energy Regulator is closely scrutinising the basis of preparation for calculated baselines. The Regulator can refuse applications for calculated baselines at their discretion - so be prepared and have your evidence ready.

If you have exceeded your reported baseline in 2016-2017, and do not have a calculated baseline, your greenhouse gas may need to be offset using Australian Carbon Credit Units – a potentially expensive option!

Key Dates for Calculated Baseline Applications

Year with the highest production estimate for the facility

Deadline to apply for a calculated baseline

Regulator’s decision


30 July 2017

60 days after application


31 October 2017

Further information

For more information on calculated baselines and whether they apply to you refer to our article: Safeguard Mechanism: Your guide to compliance

For help preparing your application for a calculated baseline, or to request an audit of your calculated baseline, contact us on 03 9865 1400.

Our full contact details can be found here.

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