Business Applications Services


Our services include systems implementation and support. project management, change management, business process improvement and test management .

We deliver consistently successful implementations and work with clients to clearly ascertain the best solution for their business needs.



Ndevr have been implementing, integrating and customising ERP systems since 1998, with numerous client references in this area. Our highest priority is to ensure the success of all new ERP implementation projects that we take on.

The Implementation of ERP systems is generally recognised as being complex, costly, and taking many months, however at Ndevr our implementation methodology dramatically reduces the normal implementation time frame.

Our methodology ensures your business processes are aligned with industry best practice, and draws on our teams extensive industry and implementation experience to ensure your implementation project runs like clock work.

Ndevr’s Implementation methods are scalable and flexible, allowing big business ERP solutions, delivered at a truly affordable price.

Ndevr can also deliver your ERP solution from the cloud, or can work with your existing cloud provider.



Ndevr's support services prevent downtime, while improving the stability and performance of our customers’ environments for over the past 10 years.

Covering the support areas of Applications, Development, and CNC Support, our team can assist you with fully tailored support packages to cover your business needs, including support needs that that are not covered by standard vendor support.

By utilising Ndevr support users are also able to remain on their current release for longer, as we provide access to experienced consultants who have been working with the software for many years. 

The levels of support provided range from day to day assistance with software questions from staff, to troubleshooting issues and daily process based requests, through to software configuration and bespoke development requests.



End user training plays a significant role in ensuring the rapid adoption of new software and processes within a business. It is also vital to the success and adoption rate of new software or process changes within a business.

Our state of the art training software enables organisations to minimise risks and interruptions associated with change management, and enables faster uptake of new software and processes through training staff for a new environment. This is also useful for training staff that are new to your business.

The training we provide at Ndevr can incorporate a training tool that tracks, records and plays back every step an end user takes when going about their normal business activities.

Our training is suitable for any environment that is migrating away from legacy software; implementing new software; or attempting to provide transparency and documentation of business practices to key stakeholders, or for regulatory requirements.