Project Management

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Ndevr’s project management team gets results. Our team have been performing project management services well before the current recognised methodologies were widely known or accepted. We are certified and accredited to the latest methodologies, and approach every project first and foremost with common sense.

We promise:
We will not inundate your employees with unnecessary emails.
We will not create reams of paperwork that no one has time to read.
We will not undertake meetings for no good reason.

We promise:
We will ensure project areas are managed - ensuring Assurance, Governance. Mitigation and forward planning. We will use the appropriate project methodology to ensure your success.
We will focus on what is best for you and your business – not what is best for our business.

Our team is renowned for their experience, maturity, and ability to successfully direct major projects from the initial planning stages through to final handover. We understand the business critical nature and pressures that build up in the process of delivering IT projects to the business.

As an IT manager it is a fact that your success will ultimately be measured, and remembered by people who have no understanding of IT projects, and whose yardstick for judging you will come down to how they were affected by changes you made to their business.

Ndevr’s Project management team consists of people who have many years of practical experience within both industry and in the management of ICT projects. Our team also has extensive vendor management experience. We do not employ graduates nor do we employ staff with little or no practical experience, so you can be sure to get our expertise in any project.

You can use our people for:
  • Project or Programme Management
  • Project Health Checks (when Ndevr are not Project Managing the project)
  • Project Management training in the practical methods on managing projects
  • Strategy and guidance in Project Management
  • Methodology development and design for your organisation to use

As part of our service, you will receive templates, processes, tools and knowledge as appropriate to the engagement undertaken, that you will be able to call on in the future – instead of being constantly reliant on us or other external consultants.

For projects that are more about getting results than ticking boxes call us now.