Eric Hill

Senior Consultant
Eric Hill

Eric joined Ndevr Environmental with over 25 years of practised experience within Engineering, Mining and Sustainable Development sectors. Eric is an expert in energy saving practices and renewable energy sources and his knowledge of relevant legislation coupled with his expert technical knowledge and diverse practical experience make him an asset when undertaking environmental services. He has successfully implemented many opportunities that provide quick return on investments through reduced energy expenditure. Eric has gained working experience in most energy sources and carries a well-versed knowledge of completing cradle-to-grave engineering assignments. Eric has led projects in EEO Implementation, NGER reporting procedure manifestation and submissions, as well as global carbon steering committees.

Eris has a trade background in Electrical & Instrumentation which led to work involving mineral commodities including Gold, Nickel, Salt and Quicklime as well as manufacturing processes both in Australia and overseas. He is also a founding member of the Goldfields Renewable Energy Lobby (GREL).

Eris holds Diplomas in Business Management and Carbon Management, a B.Sc. in Sustainable Energy Management and is a Licensed A Grade Electrician/ Instrumentation Technician, Certified High Voltage Switching Operator and a Licensed B Class Gas Appliance Fitter.


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