Matt Drum

Matt Drum

Matt established Ndevr’s Environmental Consulting division in May 2010 after a career with the Australian Government working on high profile carbon and energy policy reform and implementation. Since 2010, the Melbourne based Environmental Consulting team has grown to a strong national team of policy, legal, engineering and IT professionals specialising in the carbon and energy space.

As a professional consultant Matt has provided strategic carbon emissions and energy advice for some of Australia’s largest and most well-respected corporations. Matt also works closely with industry associations and government to analyse and advise on the impacts of carbon and energy legislation. He is one of Australia’s most experienced and highly accredited Registered Greenhouse and Energy Auditors (RGEAs), with Category 1 (Technical and Non-technical), CFI (Technical), Category 2 and Category 3 accreditation from the Australian Government. Matt's RGEA accreditation can be found here.

Matt holds a degree in Commerce, a Diploma in Government and is currently completing a Graduate Diploma in Environment, Resource and Energy Law at Melbourne University and guest lectures for Monash University (Carbon Management programs).

m: 0406 757 289


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